Directions to River Oaks - Using GPS Navigation Map Services

 One of the benefits of adopting street names in River Oaks is the ability to use GPS systems.  However, it is up to the GPS map services to utilize the most up-to-date databases in order to obtain optimal functionality.

As of the beginning of 2018, considerable progress has been made.  The recommended system for providing point-to-point, real time directions to/from a specific home address in River Oaks is WAZE.  The Waze app is easily downloaded to your smartphone.  The home address within River Oaks can be specified as destination (e.g., 28 River Oaks Drive, Stamford, CT), and directions will be provided from any starting point – ususally “Your Location.”  IMPORTANT -- Be sure to click on “More Results” after the initial search for street & house number, to make certain the App picks out the correct spot, as the streets are new and it could take you to another town if you are not mindful.  This is the way to insure Waze users that they are coming to the right place.  Please be certain to mention Waze’s smartphone app to visitors who are looking for directions to a particular house in River Oaks.

For those seeking point-to-point directions to a particular home in River Oaks on their computers (PCs or Macs), the best solution is to utilize Open Street Map  All home addresses are recognized and full functionality is apparent.

How about Google Maps?  This app, be it on the smartphone or PC or Mac is very useful, although not quite as useful as Waze (smartphone) or Open Street Map (computer).  While house numbers have not been accepted by Google Maps within River Oaks, every street is labeled.  Hence, directions to/from, for example, Clubhouse Drive or Waterview Way or River Oaks Drive, etc., are available.  And, of course, using Google Maps on smartphones provides directions in real time, allowing for changing traffic conditions.

As of January 1, 2018, we would NOT recommend, for directions to River Oaks,, TomTom, Apple Maps, or MapQuest, as they provide far less detail.

For a full description of how best to use these GPS services, see the following attachment:

GPS Navigation Map Services for to & from River Oaks-min.pdf