In Case of Emergency


In the event of a medical, fire, or criminal emergency, please dial 911 for assistance.  In other circumstances, contact Plaza Realty & Management -- (203) 653-6535. -- which is the direct line to our Property Manager Michael Lombardo.    In addition, you should notify associate Property Manager -- Sandra Menéndez    

((203) 653-6551).  To reach the EMERGENCY HOTLINE, dial (203) 359-4611 -- Option #6.  Please follow up with a call or email to our representative at Contact Plaza Realty & Management


Emergency Entry/Exit Gate (Beyond 60 Waterview Way):

First responders (Fire, EMS) have the knowledge and preparation to open the emergency gate.  Though it looks like a regular lock, it is of the "breakaway" design.  if it is struck by a hammer or any hard object it will open. It is on the outside (on Barnes Road) since that is where an emergency vehicle would be if not using our main bridge.  Please contact the Fire Department or EMS if need be.  Or, alternatively, a River Oaks Board Member.  If all else fails or speed is of the very essence, the emergency gate can be opened by a resident with a hammer.